Should I Buy a Luxury Flat for Rent an Independent House/ Room?

It is a very confusing and tricky question whether a person should make purchase of a property or rent a space as per his/ her requirement. The residential and commercial rental housing market in Dehradun has collapsed to a significant level after demonetisation, causing rates of property and land register a sharp drop. Due to demonetisation, property rates have declined to roughly 18-20 percent, and buyers are also feeling insecure in making property purchases as government has brought strict laws in payments and cash dealings to curb black money. People are now in a condition of 'wait and watch' and are expecting relaxation in housing bank loans.

Sale and purchase of properties

Sale and purchase of properties have also drastically affected in Doon valley as people are afraid of shelling out a big amount of money. Property owners and brokers have also settled deals for about 15-20% less price. In this hustle, people having eyes on luxury apartments and flats are becoming sceptical and preferring to rent residential spaces such as independent house, flat, or room for rent in Dehradun. Even if a person wishes to buy a luxury flat or a house in Dehradun, they can have the option of finding one via different platforms such as Dehradun classified, property brokers, and online property searching websites.

If the requirement is to find a room

If the requirement is to find a room or an independent house for rent or purchase in Dehradun, a person can consider localities such Karanpur, EC Road, Ballupur, Selaqui, Clement town and Sahastradhara Road on his list as these are the places having easy accessibility to major educational institutions and located centrally. If you're a working class person or a family or a retired couple, you can choose to rent or buy spaces in areas like EC Road, GMS Road, Patel Nagar, and others as these localities have good connectivity to all government and private offices. All these localities are having good population density and are safe to reside in.

Since market is badly affected

Since market is badly affected with the day-to-day changing policies and regimes of central government, buyers and sellers are expecting a stability in real estate market of every state. Residential rental market is almost stable in Dehradun and nearby cities such as Haridwar and Roorkee. Selling and buying involve greater risks and requires compromises of many things as it involves a large shares of existing and future finances belonging to an average Indian family. It possession is not a concern, an independent person or a family can choose to rent a house or a set of rooms in Dehradun.