Points to have on your checklist while looking for a rental property

It is agreeable to argue on the fact that it is not easy to find a reliable place to rent in India. Negotiation skill is another factor that is weighty and plays an important role while searching a place that fits your needs.

Moreover, before making the final decision, it is important to keep in mind what rights fall in your hand and what you are getting an as obligation toward your landlord. It is your happiness, contentment and satisfaction that depends on the suitability of the place where you're about to take shelter. We suggest 'no compromise' there. Keep some points in your checklist to look at before you give yourselves a 'go ahead' for a property.

Terms and conditions of the Lease

Lease terms are important of all and everything you're going to check while taking a final call. Being a renter, you should be well aware of what are your rights as a renter against the landlords, and what should be your responsibilities toward your landlord and his/ her property. Leave nothing to recount and tell when you exchange question and answers with the landlord when property is the concern. Before signing up the lease deed or the rent agreement, it is advisable to read everything and if you don't get a point, ask the landlord without being shy or insecure.

  1. Security deposit - Discover what is it the landlord is charging against the security, and how it will be adjusted going forward or when you leave the place. In general, it is often balanced in the last two months. Try to make payments in some documentable mode so you can make yourself safe in case there comes some sort of litigation.
  2. Mortgaged property - Also make sure if the property is mortgaged, then there has to be an NOC before the property is set out for renting purpose. Check with the landlord necessary documents so it may not involve trouble for you as a tenant.
  3. Revision in rent - This amount has to go up by 10 percent every year usually but make sure you know the exact amount of monthly rental which you will have to pay from next year onwards


Are all the amenities described are included in the rent?

You saw amenities or a list of things as add-on to the property advertisement like you will have access to WiFi, geyser, Television, Dish service, well equipped kitchen, LPG, clean bathroom, uninterrupted water and electric supply in the locality, etc. Confirm with the landlord if these amenities are included in the monthly rental for the property.

Am I allowed to decorate my apartment?


How is the maintenance policy working?

In societies and apartments, there are maintenance bodies assigned with these tasks and tenants are advised to pay maintenance costs to these maintenance bodies. But if you wish to avoid such issues, ask your landlord in advance whether who will pay the cost of maintenance, and if it is you, then will be cost be included in monthly rental or not?

What is the guest policy?

In India, gender is the factor that plays a big part here, and another thing is the accommodation type whether if it is an apartment or an independent house or just a room. Some landlords might have an sceptical attitude on inviting guests when it is not an independent property. And when it is an independent property and landlord is not living in the same property, they just don't bother about guest and parties if they are receiving their monthly rental within time.

Can I keep pet on the property?

Pets are wonderful, but what is wonderful for you might not interest your landlord. Ask your landlord if you can bring your pet with yourself on the property or not.

On whom emergency repairs will fall?

Let's say your electricity meters fails, a switch becomes dysfunctional or water supply get interrupted due to a choked tap or damaged water tank, who will it be to bear the cost? Generally, it is the landlord, but better will be to confirm in the first place

Is parking available?

In India, parking space is a 50-50 thing. It can come free, or it cannot come. Either of this can be the case. When you're opting to rent a place, it shouldn't keep you from parking your vehicle outside at the roadside, making you insecure about the theft or uncertain damages that may cause a hole in your pocket. If there is parking available, don't forget to check with landlord if the rent of the place included parking facility.

Is the property safe and secure?

No matter you're a single, a family or an elder person or a couple, safety and security is something which you deserve in any city. Ask the landlord about the features the property is installed when it comes to safety and security. Check if there is a CCTV camera, paper door lock, or a watchman, or ask neighbours if this place is a safe find.

Is landlord reliable to be trusted?

Landlord is a person whom you'll have to see every month at least at the time you're about to pay rent. Find out the character and the good name around the person with local people around property, watchman of the building, neighbours etc.

Is the social infrastructure up to the mark?

This is one of the important factors that affects the cost and quality of a rented space. Some people might prefer an economic rented apartment or a house in an area with a 'underdeveloped' tag while some people prioritise amenities to make sure everything is utilitarian. It saves time when you have everything accessible be it market, hospital, grocery store, public transportation, schools, and anything else that comes to mind when such thought strikes head. Who has got lot of time in this day of just 24 hours?